chat room

pass the chips…


10 thoughts on “chat room

    1. Jolt

      I can not explain the nudity of people in California. But what the hell is up with this GD weather? I know, I know, sweaters are cozy and we love to curl up into a depression ball with a steamy cup of mermaid propaganda – but jeeze – when is enough enough?

      I vote for that burning bright ball of merciless Vitamin D to come bestow it’s nutrient rays of beauty upon my translucent skin for just one weekend.

      If it did come out for a fleeting free-for-all upon our two days of S’s and cast it’s natural cloak of good humor upon me – people would ask….

      What the hell is up with naked blogers in Seattle?

  1. “Reflecting his upbringing as the son of a high-ranking official in Beijing, Mr. Xi spoke in clear Mandarin Chinese, making him one of the first modern Chinese leaders whose speech does not bear the heavy accents of an upbringing in one of China’s provinces.”

    November 15, 2012

  2. mueblespasayo

    I was talking to a youngster today. I said:

    “Did you hear there’s a new president in China?”

    “No, who?”

    “No, that was the old president.”

    That, from the corny insensitive jokes department.

  3. how about those olympics?

    “LGBT people who travel to Sochi should be careful because there are entities there who could do great harm to their bodies. I’m thinking mostly of Coke and McDonald’s.” – bill in portland maine

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