The Audacity of Deception


So, I read that Shepard Fairey is a deceptive boob.  What he did was pretty bad.  Anytime you start presenting falsified documents to your lawyers, so they can file a lawsuit on your behalf, you might want to, “[C]ome on and check yo self before you wrickity-wreck yo self,” to quote Ice Cube.  The following is from the above link and explains Mr. Fairey’s actions in connection with the creation of the iconic image:

Fairey told Magistrate Judge Frank Maas that when he created the Obama poster in January 2008, he believed he was basing it on a cropped version of a photograph he had seen of the then-Illinois senator with actor George Clooney in front of an American flag at a public event.

He said it was only a few days after his lawsuit was filed, when he saw a blog comparing the Clooney picture with another AP photograph, that he realized the image he had used was a different AP picture of Obama taken at the same event.

He said that before meeting with his lawyers six weeks later, he deleted the files showing he had used the Obama photo that did not include Clooney and printed documents to make it appear that he had used the picture with Clooney in it.

‘I showed my lawyers the fake documents as I described my artistic process and told them that I had used the Clooney photo as a reference for the Obama ‘HOPE’ poster,’ Fairey said.

The whole affair seems to be symbolic wreck.  Back in ’08, you might have thought you were looking at the face of hope, but in ’12 “You’re face to face, With The Man Who Sold The World,” to quote David Bowie.  How fitting, then, that the image was minted by a deceptive boob.

That being said, I enjoy Shepard Fairey’s work, and I wish him well.  His work is fun and makes life more interesting.  I already feel bad for giving him a hard time.  After all, I enjoyed snapping this picture in Manhattan in 2008:


tiananmen squared

yes it’s embarrassing to get a good portion of your information from comedy central, but time after time the shows there crystallize things so well.
in the piece about time warner blacking out the knicks games on certain networks, aasif mandvi was momentarily elevated to the status usually reserved for time life book features displaying the most iconic photographs of all time.

time warner and time life.
some images are really unforgettable, and this little cable show gets gasp-inducing victories every week.
thank you aasif.

toole rap

circa 2010 seattle.
john kennedy toole for the 24th century…

it’s afterburner.
hero to many.
fool to none.
his path is that of don quixote,
calling it like he sees it.
a righteous voice in the darkness.

silk hat

metaphor of the day…

In the summer of 1933, a nice old gentleman wearing a silk hat fell off the end of a pier. He was unable to swim. A friend ran down the pier, dived overboard and pulled him out; but the silk hat floated off with the tide. After the old gentleman had been revived, he was effusive in his thanks. He praised his friend for saving his life. Today, three years later, the old gentleman is berating his friend because the silk hat was lost.

just substitute 2009 for 1933 and an iphone for the silk hat and the story moderns up nicely.

occupy karaoke

well, matt taibbi is late to the party on this one. i have blown the lid off the latest front. the one percent. not the bankers. i speak of course about the djs. this power-grabbing minority.
think about it. if you go out to a club and a dj is playing, then you could describe the ratio of entertainers to entertainees. one person performing and everyone else passively listening and taking it in like some prescription syrup or something. let’s illustrate it:

now consider the case of karaoke night at the same club. this club is in no way to be construed as an allegory for the planet earth or even the united states, but that’s another matter. if there is karaoke, then, at least theoretically, the place could reach one hundred percent participation. everyone is putting in their contribution to society, ahem, i mean the music at the club. you find many ordinary citizens can surprise you with their talents and brighten the lives of others, i mean give more of a holistic rundown of obscure and arcane pop songs. here is what that looks like:

anyway. the fact that it is gray in no way implies anything about the character of such a karaoke night. these disclaimers may or may not be used.

electric cafe

National Tsing Hua University Institute of Sociology professor Wang Chin-shou (王俊秀) yesterday said that once people (are) addicted to games and the Internet, it is easy for them to over-indulge and blur the lines between the virtual and the real world.


having spent time in taiwanese internet cafes, i can confirm that the dudes in there are in another world. it is like an opium den for the 21st century. there were times when i needed to log on to my email while on the road, and i would ask the locals where was the nearest cafe. but there is such a stigma and taboo hanging on these places that many people wouldn’t tell me how to find one, or they would give me harsh dirty looks. even my students would giggle uncomfortably if i mentioned internet cafes. their parents prohibit them from visiting these temples to the pixel gods.  modern trench warfare in a way.