Silly Brits Just Don’t Get It

The opening ceremony at the 2012 Olympics included an homage to the NHS.  The Guardian has a funny article noting how some U.S. commentators appear puzzled by the display of appreciation for ‘socialized medicine.’  Check the article here, and also check out David Atkins with Digby here.  Here is a clip from the Guardian article:

Perhaps not surprisingly in a country where healthcare reform is so controversial, it was the high-profile presence of the NHS that stunned many American writers.

After all, the idea of state-control of healthcare is demonised as “socialised medicine” with scare stories of “death panels” touted by top – usually Republican – political leaders.

Certainly the US equivalent, which would be dancing health insurance corporate executives, was hard to imagine.

“For the life of me, though, am still baffled by NHS tribute at opening ceremonies. Like a tribute to United Health Care or something in US,” tweeted clearly confused Los Angeles Times sports writer Diane Pucin.

The reaction of some U.S. media suggests that they too have been successfully brainwashed by conservative propaganda.  It is a bit depressing that people who should know better have succumbed to the conventional wisdom that socialized medicine is the equivalent of hell on earth.  It is a powerful indication that U.S. culture is saturated with lies.  It is impossible to cope with these lies.  How much deconstructing would have to be done before we could even begin to discuss a topic like fracking, corporate medicine or global warming, let alone suggest sane policies?


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damn funny

romney line of attack falls flat.
very flat.

British officials — and the newspapers that cover them — took offense to Romney questioning whether London is well-prepared to handle the security issues ahead of the summer games. Romney called the situation “disconcerting.” British Prime Minister David Cameron hit back, saying there is no doubt “Britain can deliver.”

“We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world,” Cameron added. “Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere.”