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It is super-bien.  So far it proves to be the friendliest nation on earth.

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how big is it, jamie?

For one, Dimon’s first instinct is to obnoxiously misinterpret Mayo’s question, putting words in his mouth, which you can tell he thinks is really clever – he thinks he’s mugging for the crowd, showing how easily he can bully Mayo. But actually all he’s done with his “So you would go to UBS and not JP Morgan Chase?” line is admit that his bank has a lower capital ratio than UBS, something that Mayo only implied, but never came out and said openly. So Dimon thinks he’s pushing Mayo around, and thinking he’s a big tough guy doing it, but actually he’s just helping Mayo make his point. It’s classic.

And the “That’s why I’m richer than you” line is a perfect example of how these guys think. Question: You say two plus two is six, but sir, isn’t it really four? Answer: No, because I have a huge cock. [Unzips.] [Raucous laughter.] That’s really the level these guys think at.

Wanted: New Boogeyman of the South


The CIA/Fortune 500 crowd just lost its go to boogeyman for any conversation involving Latin America.  Well, Evo Morales to the right of Fidel is in a picture with Fidel, so he’ll do the trick.  After all, dumb American commentators (types like Joe Scarborough) need that quick name to sound engaged with world events.  “Hugo Chavez . . . hah,” end of conversation.  There is a lot more to Hugo Chavez then any mainstream commentator will ever know.