super meta

the meta world is not the flat earth of tommy friedman.

meta reality is circular and the fourth dimension is like a time-travel vacation from reality.

foucault rowboat.  oompa loompas on the oars…


take republican presidential hopeful rand paul, for instance. recently his name has become associated with plagiarism in his speeches and campaign materials.

thanks to fox news, and a little sprinkle of meta, that is all taken care of.

time-washed.  time travel.  memory hole.

it’s all too meta for me



three words

doctor.  wes.  browning.

wes browning

the undiscovered genius in seattle journalism.

too modest to create a stir.

too smart to be a part of the system.

a master of prose:


real change newspaper, feb 12-18, 2014

re: the size and scope of seahawks victory parade crowd

“I heard they found a Ecuadoran fisherman near Safeco field hours after the parade, dazed though healthy, who claimed he became adrift with a young friend at Denny Way. He said his young friend was lost to him because he refused to eat raw birds, but everyone just winked and thought, sure he ate his friend. Why not?


real change newspaper, apr 9-14, 2014

re: money equaling speech according to supreme court

“I’d like to think that our system still works and promotes smart, corrupt people to the top, instead of incompetents. After all, if you’re in the hands of conniving cutthroat geniuses, you have at least the comfort that they won’t do anything that ruins their gravy train. But if your life is controlled by mere idiots…”

wes browning is a national treasure. a writer for the times. real change indeed.

Recursive Recursiveness

The sensation of wanting to laugh and cry at the same time often occurs when talking about climate deniers.  It sounds like there was an interesting study done on the fever brains of climate deniers.  The study found that climate deniers are prone to believe in conspiracy theories.  What followed was a conspiracy among the conspiracy theorist, climate deniers to sue a journal for libel if they published a study correlating their climate denialism to believing in conspiracy theorists.  Let me quote from the link, which is less confusing:

In February 2013, the journal Frontiers in Psychology published a peer-reviewed paper which found that people who reject climate science are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories. Predictably enough, those people didn’t like it.

The paper, which I helped to peer-review, is called “Recursive fury: Conspiracist ideation in the blogosphere in response to research on conspiracist ideation”. In it, cognitive scientist Stephan Lewandowsky and his colleagues survey and analyze the outcry generated on climate skeptic blogs to their earlier work on climate denial.

The earlier study had also linked climate denial with conspiracist thinking. And so by reacting with yet more conspiracy theorizing, the bloggers rather proved the researchers’ point.

Yet soon after Recursive Fury was published, threats of litigation started to roll in, and the journal took the paper down (it survives on the website of the University of Western Australia, where Lewandowsky carried out the study).

A lengthy investigation ensued, which eventually found the paper to be scientifically and ethically sound. Yet on March 21 this year, Frontiers retracted the paper because of the legal threats.

Another tragic-comedic story unfolds.  A bunch of climate denying conspiracy theorists conspire to suppress scientifically sound article on their recursive fury.  Welcome to the house of mirrors.