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i haven’t written an actual post in ages, but this one killed me to death, so i have to write about it.  katrina pierson is the new michelle malkin.

malkin was the fox news talking head who always took it a little further than the other pundits on the right.  she would say outlandish things just to get attention to a certain issue, and she spun things so strongly they probably had their own gravity fields.

just as toxic as malkin, but without the style, is someone like ann coulter.  ann is just pure hate and she doesn’t even make an attempt to put a smile on things.  actually, ann, michelle, and katrina are all very similar when it comes to opinions.

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ann was big in the 90’s and also during the george w bush presidency.  she was always talking about killing flag burners or shooting abortion doctors, you know, coffee talk.

michelle was more active in the 00’s.  she was one of the loudest voices behind racial profiling.  not to get rid of the practice, but in favor of it.  just to be clear, she proudly advocated judging people based on the way they dressed, their religion, or their country of origin.

and that brings us to katrina.  she is by far the most competent and effective of the three bobbleheads.  she speaks so fast that just keeping up can be a challenge, considering the number of preposterous things she says.

so the reason for this post is katrina’s surreal, jaw-dropping exchange with alisyn camerota this week.  alisyn had just played a clip of trump saying that “we believe” judge gonzalo curiel, who was verifiably born in indiana, is mexican.  (trump had previously called him “spanish” and also “hispanic” apparently not realizing the wildly different definitions.)

her responses to alisyn’s questions hurt my head so hard, i can’t write about it.

let me try to explain it with a meme: