atheism evangelists

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so this would be a good time to say thank god for separation of church and state here in the united states. ha ha. (harumph)

well, let me take it further or farther, however you want to take it, these times in egypt are just another push toward atheism.

forget this murderous fervor, the party righteousness, the blind anger.

it is called religion, and it divides.
right down the middle, it cleaves.

i’m muslim, oh, you’re christian? en garde!
let’s fight to the death.
it was written.


minimum insult

nickel and dime is the song of america.
traveling overseas, one finds that things are cheaper almost everywhere else.
the same products, from the same manufacturers.
in the usa, every day finds a way to take a bite out of your wallet.
and if you work for minimum wage?
forget about it…

The Real Problem

2013-04-08 Halloween to Bogota 958

Don’t ever forget about Juan Cole.  This professor delivers some of the best content around and he does it day after day.  Does he do it with student-slaves?  Does he never sleep?  Who cares?  Not only do his posts give an exit from mainstream news gibberish, they also are thought provoking.  This link on Euro-nausea relaing to PRISM is just such a post (linked here).  The title asks: “Has NSA Spying Killed US “Cloud” services, Email in Europe, Brazil?”

Too funny.  The real crime of the whistleblower is to reveal that the Cloud was an NSA fishbowl.  In other words, Coca-Cola better not put the secret recipe in the Cloud.  Corporate espionage is the real game here, folks.  We’re talking about the ‘benjamins’.  Are we suppose to believe that Goldman Sachs doesn’t have well placed contacts in the security industry feeding them sweet tidbits?  If you think the NSA is spying on your MMO or reading what you posted on Reddit, that’s paranoid, but if you think that some greedy bastards aren’t trying to front-run billion dollar mergers, and take every dime in existence, then your a dolt.

The real problem is that corporate america can’t have its cake and eat it too.

talking beer

well, redhook has made me a very happy man.


for the last few months the brewery has been bringing to market a marvelous idea. a ‘throwback’ edition of the esb beer. the esb was always the flagship ale. extra special bitter. and the funny thing is it isn’t bitter at all. one of the sweetest tasting beers actually.

so this is a salute to the brewers at redhook. a fine product and a real taste of seattle past. bravo.