hunter’s legacy

congrats to matt for all the rolling stone words!


now that he is moving on to bigger and better things, i want to take this moment to thank him for all the personal inspiration. it is no hyperbole when i say there have been hundreds of times when something he wrote made an effect on me.

from his final rolling stone post last month:

At the time, I was having a hard time re-acclimating to life in America and was a mess personally. I was broke and having anxiety attacks. I specifically remember buying three cans of corned beef hash with the last dollars of available credit on my last credit card somewhere during that period. Anyway I botched several early assignments for the magazine, but Will was patient and eventually brought me on to write on a regular basis.

It was my first real job and it changed my life. Had Rolling Stone not given me a chance that year, God knows where I’d be – one of the ideas I was considering most seriously at the time was going to Ukraine to enroll in medical school, of all things.

seeing matt speak last year at town hall in seattle was also one of the highlights of my life. when he illustrated the sub-prime mortgage crisis with only a dozen volunteers from the audience, it was more magic than any vegas show featuring tom jones or david copperfield. matt taibbi is among the list of americans who really have a passion for truth and justice. he fights tirelessly, and has fun doing it (friedman haiku anyone?)

you rock and roll, man. keep up the good work…


transit authority

where do you think all the money for
[and all the other expenses that are associated with owning and operating an i.c.e. vehicle] goes?
eh rush?

i’ll give you a hint.
it’s a money grab by the business interests that sucks money from the poor and middle class. mass transit is the opposite of control. it’s anonymous transportation.

mass transit is a liberating mode of transportation.
it is for everyone rich or poor.
several dollars will get you across most major cities in the world.

try driving your car around in shanghai, rush, let me know how it goes…

Ratings Game

imagesCAKVBWF8 The word ‘mature’ isn’t worth saving.  It probably means too many things to too many people.  Nevertheless, it is worth questioning if “M” for Mature Video Games is really the definition of ‘mature’ that should be sold to the legions of video gamers out there.  Why should a middle schooler who games away, shooting the heads off and hearts out of an endless parade of gorified pixels, get to think of themselves as participating in something that is mature?

“M” for Mature video games often (always?) cater to part of the psyche that is anything but mature.  The games scratch a primal itch, that humans might be better off without scratching.  Arguably it is a great thing to soak the brains of youngsters with mature violence, a great release and all that.  Maybe there is an argument for getting it out of your system, or just relaxing and having fun, but don’t try to get serious by saying that mowing down zombie armies is a “mature” thing.  You will find no science or scholarship in this post, just a bald assertion that “mature” is a shrewd marketing tactic to get young teens salivating for a chance to sratch the primal itch.  Let everyone game away, but don’t let anyone kid themselves that that they are gaining or participating in maturity by getting their hands on the world of “M” is for mature games.  Ratings systems or never cool (see Hays Code, Index Librorum Prohibitorum, or Parental Advisory), but they are even less cool as sales gimmicks.parental advisory

introducing: meta

i realize this tale from florida (the nation’s dirty underwear®) is torn from the msm 24 hour news cycle, but lately i look for examples of meta behavior. meta being so far above something, as to reduce it to a lower game. raising the stakes. moving the goalposts. all of these are related to foucault.

this is a prime example of meta.

Internet Nightmare

The following image saps the soul of a news junkie, wanabe intellectual:imagesCACJK2H4And yet, this is the internet of today.  This post: How the rise of mobile apps will help apple google and facebook and kill the internet as we know it, explains how the internet is being narrowed and for some of us, ruined.  Here’s a taste:

[b]ecause the lens of the Internet is narrower on a mobile device. Mobile analytics company Flurry tracked 300,000 apps across a billion active mobile devices and found a somewhat unsettling picture of our mobile habits. Thirty-two percent of our time here is spent playing games and a quarter is spent on social networks, with three-quarters of that spent on Facebook. From a snobbish perspective, there’s little reassurance that mobile devices are making us better people. We spend two percent of this time on mobile reading news and two percent using productivity tools. Goodbye New York Times, hello Angry Birds.

Damnit, I already miss the old internet.  Myson is right about this damn phone stroking thing!

Joven Volcán Paricutín


En 2007 fui a Guadalajara, México, para estudiar Español con VETE una buena programa de lenguas en esa ciudad.  Cuando describo mi viaje a México en conversaciónes, menciono cosas como la programa exelente con VETE, mi maestro sin igual, la impresionante y antigua ciudad, Guadalajara, y mi viaje al estado de Michoacan.  Es una sorpresa, para mi, que mucha gente no sabe nada del volcán Paricutín, en estado Michoacan.  Es una sorpresa, porque este volcán es el más joven del mundo.  El hecho, es que el volcán tiene edad de 71 años.  En tiempos geológicas, es una parpadeo del ojo.  Hay mucha gente que tiene más años por este volcan.

Quizás geológica no es la favorite sujeto de mucha gente, o por la razón que el volcan nació en 20 Febrero 1943, o la gente en EEUU no cree que hay cualquier cosa en el mundo, en 1943, fuera de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.  No sé la razón, pero el volcán existe.  ¿Además quién debería haber un falta de interés en una historia con un campesino viendo el nacimiento del volcán, y los pueblos en la vareda de ríos de lava?  Este descripcion es desde Wikipedia:

El 20 de febrero de 1943, Dionisio Pulido,un campesino, se encontraba trabajando la tierra en las cercanías del pueblo Paricutín, cuando de pronto ésta empezó a temblar, se abrió y empezó a emanar un vapor muy espeso, a sonar muy fuerte y a volar piedras. Muy asustado, el señor Pulido avisó al pueblo.

La duración de la actividad de este volcán fue de 9 años, 11 días y 10 horas; la lava recorrió unos 10 km. No hubo víctimas humanas, dado que hubo suficiente tiempo para desalojar a toda la población. El volcán sólo sepultó dos poblados: Paricutín y San Juan Parangaricutiro (Parhikutini y Parangarikutirhu en purépecha). El primero quedó totalmente borrado del mapa: muy cerca de él se encuentra ahora el cráter del volcán. Del segundo pueblo sólo es visible parte de la iglesia, sepultada por la lava, al igual que el resto del pueblo, excepto por la torre izquierda del frente (la torre derecha aparentemente cayó pero lo cierto es que estaba en construcción al momento de empezar el fenómeno) así como el ábside, junto con el altar.

Después de dos semanas en Guadalajara, en 2007, yo viajaba por una semana en Michoacan y no tenía problemas.  Desde eso tiempo, entiendo que Michoacan ha tenido problemas de seguridad.  No sé la politica del esto estado, pero conocía, pero durante mi viaje no encontraba problemas.  Simplement you conocía pueblos hermosas como Pátzcauro, Morelia, Uruapan y Tzintzuntzan y cuando paz regresara a Michoacan recomiendo Michoacan para visitar.  Me siento muy suerte para tener la oportunidad de visitar Paricutin y Michoacan y quiero partir este fotos.

Vista desde la espalda de un caballo en la vareda al volcán.???????????????????????????

Guía mirando hacia volcán Paricutín.?????????????????????????

Volcán Paricutín.???????????????????????

Escalando el lado del volcán Paricutín.????????????

Vista del interior del cráter de volcán Paricutín.??????

El borde del cráter de volcán Paricutín.???????????????

Vista de la iglesia en vereda de lava en Pueblo Viejo de San Juan Parangaricutiro.???????????????

Otra vista de la iglesia en vereda de lava en Pueblo Viejo de San Juan Parangaricutiro.????????

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