make your predictions here…

get it out there, don’t be shy.


5 thoughts on “tiresias

  1. the sequel to the film incarnation of atlas shrugged, aka the longest and most extended method of boring you to the brink of despair, will be focus-grouped to a fine level, and will gain a following that will somewhat alleviate the vicious critical beating the first installment rightly endured.

    i make no prediction about part three at this time, perhaps later.

  2. Were you the one telling me about how a New York Times car-beat journalist attempted to trash Tesla? I did not follow it, but this guy deliberately created a negative anecdotal story about his experience with the car, and then he got completely busted because the car´s computers rebutted everything he wrote.

    1. it was a successful attempt.

      i see his piece referenced often in the same way that oil industry shills reference climategate to assert that the science is full of lies.

      makes my fucking blood shoot through my eyes!

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