Hippie Spit

To hear Hannity style conservatives describe it, the welcome home for Vietnam vets was a shower of acid-laced, hippie-loogies.  Well whose spitting now?  Bowe Bergdahl is being treated to quite a homecoming by Conservative USA.  Makes me wonder if maybe it was sneering Conservative USA that was doing the worst sneering and spitting during the Vietnam homecomings.

Thanks to Digby for posting the following images amd quotes:


Makes sense that the myth of Hippie Spitters was promulgated in a G.I. Joe comic book.  This is a powerful quote Digby uses in the above linked post.

They were the kind of veterans who – Gerald Nicosia tells the story in his history of Vietnam Veterans Against the War – greeted the antiwar veterans who had marched 86 miles from Morristown, New Jersey to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, just like George Washington’s army in 1877. The World War II veterans heckled them:

“Why don’t you go to Hanoi?”

“We won our war, they didn’t, and from the looks of them, they couldn’t.”

A Vietnam vets hobbled by on crutches. One of the old men wondered whether he had been “shot with marijuana or shot in battle.”

Bergdal 149361_600


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