Fascist Imagery

Roberto Bolaño dived as far as anyone into the relationship between fascism and art.  Surprisingly, fascist art exists, and it almost always stinks.  Note this as you look at the design for the coat-of-arms for what was easily one of the most evil incarnations of 20th century fascism, the Direccion de Inteligencia Nacional, Pinochet’s secret police from 1974 to 1977.


Now a coat-of-arms may not be intended as art, but this one is uniquely terrible even by the standard of coats-of-arms.  It seems that you just can’t get a good design when you’re killing, imprisoning and exiling as many lefty artists as your goons can lay hands on.  It would appear that Pinochet was down to a couple of 10th graders with some techinical drawing experience.


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