Solar Poetry


There was a crisis in ’79
Arabs had an oil embargo
To get gas it was a long line
Solar still had a way to go

Carter put on a sweater
He put solar panels on the White House
No one felt better
Hostages in Iran made every one grouse

A great communicator came along
Said solar panels would never belong
Those panels he tore down
Gave alternative his frown

Nobody is perfect, but some are son’s of bitches
History will reflect, just cared about their riches

It took 35 years
In this time the earth continued to overheat
Finally it now appears
Solar power ignorance has suffered a defeat

Solar panels are finally back on the president’s residence
Surely history will find Ronnie the dumbest of presidents


2 thoughts on “Solar Poetry

  1. [it may be corny, but I can’t stop]

    Way back in ’79
    Carter talking about sunshine

    Telling everone to put on flannels
    White House equipped with solar panels

    Along comes communicator Ronnie
    Says solar’s worse than being a damn commie

    Failure of old man Ronnie’s imagination
    Drilling the mideast is the future for the nation

    Been 35 years since those panels were put up
    Been 30 years since those panesl were tore down

    For years alternative energy was told to shut up
    Now the economy’s never been further down

    All this time, solar’s only gotten stronger and better
    Finally president Obamas says panels belong here

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