three words

doctor.  wes.  browning.

wes browning

the undiscovered genius in seattle journalism.

too modest to create a stir.

too smart to be a part of the system.

a master of prose:


real change newspaper, feb 12-18, 2014

re: the size and scope of seahawks victory parade crowd

“I heard they found a Ecuadoran fisherman near Safeco field hours after the parade, dazed though healthy, who claimed he became adrift with a young friend at Denny Way. He said his young friend was lost to him because he refused to eat raw birds, but everyone just winked and thought, sure he ate his friend. Why not?


real change newspaper, apr 9-14, 2014

re: money equaling speech according to supreme court

“I’d like to think that our system still works and promotes smart, corrupt people to the top, instead of incompetents. After all, if you’re in the hands of conniving cutthroat geniuses, you have at least the comfort that they won’t do anything that ruins their gravy train. But if your life is controlled by mere idiots…”

wes browning is a national treasure. a writer for the times. real change indeed.


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