hunter’s legacy

congrats to matt for all the rolling stone words!


now that he is moving on to bigger and better things, i want to take this moment to thank him for all the personal inspiration. it is no hyperbole when i say there have been hundreds of times when something he wrote made an effect on me.

from his final rolling stone post last month:

At the time, I was having a hard time re-acclimating to life in America and was a mess personally. I was broke and having anxiety attacks. I specifically remember buying three cans of corned beef hash with the last dollars of available credit on my last credit card somewhere during that period. Anyway I botched several early assignments for the magazine, but Will was patient and eventually brought me on to write on a regular basis.

It was my first real job and it changed my life. Had Rolling Stone not given me a chance that year, God knows where I’d be – one of the ideas I was considering most seriously at the time was going to Ukraine to enroll in medical school, of all things.

seeing matt speak last year at town hall in seattle was also one of the highlights of my life. when he illustrated the sub-prime mortgage crisis with only a dozen volunteers from the audience, it was more magic than any vegas show featuring tom jones or david copperfield. matt taibbi is among the list of americans who really have a passion for truth and justice. he fights tirelessly, and has fun doing it (friedman haiku anyone?)

you rock and roll, man. keep up the good work…


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