Internet Nightmare

The following image saps the soul of a news junkie, wanabe intellectual:imagesCACJK2H4And yet, this is the internet of today.  This post: How the rise of mobile apps will help apple google and facebook and kill the internet as we know it, explains how the internet is being narrowed and for some of us, ruined.  Here’s a taste:

[b]ecause the lens of the Internet is narrower on a mobile device. Mobile analytics company Flurry tracked 300,000 apps across a billion active mobile devices and found a somewhat unsettling picture of our mobile habits. Thirty-two percent of our time here is spent playing games and a quarter is spent on social networks, with three-quarters of that spent on Facebook. From a snobbish perspective, there’s little reassurance that mobile devices are making us better people. We spend two percent of this time on mobile reading news and two percent using productivity tools. Goodbye New York Times, hello Angry Birds.

Damnit, I already miss the old internet.  Myson is right about this damn phone stroking thing!


3 thoughts on “Internet Nightmare

  1. more interesting even, google is getting very heavy handed with youtube regarding anonymous usage. you are now prompted to relinquish your personal information to use youtube at all.


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