Ooooh, Mr. Ailes

This is too hilarious to pass up.  The blondes of Fox.


This post inspired by Hullabaloo (click the link), who compares Roger Ailes’ blonde obsession to Alfred Hitchcock’s thing for the blondies.  Also, Hullabaloo links to Atlantic, where they have some pretty good quotes about Fox’s beauty thing.

The men are kind of frumpy older men,” Sherman agrees, “paired with hyper-feminine women. That kind of kinetic energy between the sexes is one of the reasons Fox is successful. Oftentimes the older male hosts—Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity—in the prime time, at night, are paired with women, debating politics, and the women are generally much younger … It almost goes back to 1940s Hollywood.” For guests, the Hollywood screwball routine can be unnerving. It was for Nell Minow, a critic of inflated CEO pay, who was taken aback when a producer urged her to “attack the masculinity” of her debate partner.

This one is also pretty good, from the same article.  (Pennington is a makeup artist)

Pennington’s fascination with the women of Fox goes beyond makeup. “It’s that little scowling look they give you when they’re delivering the news,” she continued. “It’s like the bitchy girl in high school, [but] now she’s your friend, and you hate the same people.”


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