40 vs. 300,000


numbers like these and anyone would need a legal joint, just to cope with the reality of it…


3 thoughts on “40 vs. 300,000

  1. Arbeit Macht Frei – work brings freedom, kind of reminds of this new phrase about dignity through work. I remember seeing that German phrase in wrought metal above Auschwitz. Is comparison a violation of Godwin’s Law, because it equates bullshit billionaire propaganda spewed by their Republican servants to bullshit propaganda spewed by racist, corporatist, rightwing, genocidal gangsters from 75 years ago? Who cares?

  2. and again, he reminds us…

    from today’s nyt:

    “Last year, those 25 hedge fund managers made more than twice as much as all the kindergarten teachers in America combined.”

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