Lost Cause

Maybe it doesn’t mean a thing, but some results from The Pew Reasearch Center were highlighted in a piece in the Atlantic, titled, “Why Has Republican Belief in Evolution Declined So Much?”  The piece begins with the results, “There’s been a drop of more than 10 points – to just 43 percent – in the last four years.”

First and foremost, this is really sad.  Regardless of what may explain it, it is sad that so many people are so rapidly turning their backs on good science.  It is a miracle that humans have achieved this knowledge, and wilfully choosing to disbelieve it in such large numbers is a step back for civilization.  Any Republican reading this, who also believes in evolution, should ask themselves if there is any way to get back to being a party that believes in science.

After all, what’s next?  Are we going to be asked to believe that the atomic bomb is a hoax?  Are we going to be told that there is no such thing as probabilities?


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