Evil Is Losing Funding

ALEC is evil, and it is having a funding snafu.  The IRS is asking about its tax exempt status.  ALEC is thinking of getting into gambling legislation to pay its bills.  ALEC stands for the American Legislative Council, and it is bad news.

The Trayvon Martin killing was legal, and not a murder and/or manslaughter, because of the ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.  ALEC was the tax exempt lobbying group who pushed packaged legislation to state legislatures, including the stand your ground laws.  In other words, ALEC is the reason George Zimmerman can start a fight and blow away someone when he gets scared, as long as . . .

So it is good news that ALEC is having troubles.  Go ahead and celebrate by reading some investigative reporting on the subject, in the Guardian, here.


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