Heady Conversation


If you’re sitting there staring at your computer, saying to yourself, “I’m bored.  I need to read some good intellectual conversation,” well look no further than the links below, with some explanation following:

Yves Smith’s post (here) kicks it off with, “The Coercive Power of Capitalism.”  In it there are excellent excerpts from high octane thinkers, some writing from years ago, and some from yesterday, or so.  The following excerpt is from someone named Ian Welsh (linked here):

We think of irrationality as bad, but rational decision making leads to be betrayal. If someone’s going to offer me more than I can otherwise earn to betray the rest of my people, a lot of folks are going to take that deal unless they have the irrational belief that it’s wrong, and a rational belief that if they do it, those who have an irrational belief in the system will hurt them, or even kill them.

What follows in the comments is a massive twerking.  I’m talking major, offensive bouncing of brain cells up against the paradigms of modern life.


One thought on “Heady Conversation

  1. “…things like the widespread rape in the Congo and African poverty: that’s a requirement of our society, is not incidental.

    joseph conrad can help us all to look into this dark core within our collective past

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