Frozen Yogurt?

What is going on when Baskin & Robbins can’t sell ice cream at its location beside the most popular park in the city?

2013-04-08 Halloween to Bogota 223Could it be all of the image conscious hipsters overrunning the neighborhood?  Maybe the chubby hipsters are opting for frozen yogurt or organic doughnuts?  Maybe the owners finally lost their shirt at Snoqualmie Casino?  We may never know.  Who knew that B&R would fall to the same fate as the newspaper and the pay-phone?


6 thoughts on “Frozen Yogurt?

  1. armchair

    Do I ever want to take a giant yough-gurt dump on you and Tom Friedman’s flat-world “donuts.” I can’t wait to yough-gurtitate this talking point endlessly.

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