gran torino

musk opened up a can of clint eastwood…

…on a reporter from barron’s named bill alpert.
said reporter describes the frightening memory:

We had hoped Musk would advise us on these points, but our scheduled interview with him ended abruptly on Friday, when he hung up on us.

“I have no interest in an article that debates what we consider to be an obvious point — which is that there is a dramatic reduction in battery costs,” Musk said, after a few questions. “You clearly do not understand the business. My apologies. I am terminating the interview.”

of course the article becomes yet another in a long, long line of greyish hit pieces that simply play over and over all the same tired cheap shots. tesla is too expensive. the range is too short. the company got a big loan. etc. even the sub-heading is wishy-washy, using the word ‘unless’ in an extremely cowardly way.

the only bright spot is that, amazingly, alpert didn’t reference the broder piece in the ny times. that was a stunner. in fact, that one detail leads me to believe that the entire piece is just acting out a childish revenge fantasy. sad.

and alpert comes out looking very…



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