so familiar

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hard-hitting piece from darksyde about poverty

So, when you become poor in America, it comes complete with shame, isolation and detachment. Young people who are just starting out, with whom you now have much in common economically, don’t want to hang out with an old fart. People your own age see you as a loser. When you go from affluent to poor, even some of your oldest and best friends fall away like leaves in winter, retired family members who worked during times when labor had some clout simply don’t understand the dynamic at play now.

wealth inequality of the staggering variety we practice in 21st century america is a dead-end course to failure:

Time and time again we’ve seen this sad drama play out, in this nation and throughout history. Great wealth becomes concentrated in a tiny number of hands, some of those fortunate people then use their influence to insure they get even more money and power, at the expense of everyone and everything. A small sliver of the population gets much richer, the rest of us suffer immensely. Eventually, the wealthy rig the system so much in their favor that the entire edifice crashes and burns, the cycle of boom and bust continues that has enslaved humans since the development of agriculture and civilization.


One thought on “so familiar

  1. Agriculture definitely has its bummer side, even if you aren’t including the whole Monsanto thing.

    A while back I was reading about an archaeologist who was famous in the 70’s for a theory of a matriarchical bronze age society. The archaeologist’s theory was taken seriously, and there was a nice run of imagining our species in a totally different paradigm. It may come as no surprise that her theory isn’t closely followed these days.

    I will go ahead and call it one of the better thought experiments we have had. I wish we had more.

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