remember apartheid?

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seattle is doing something very brave, and quite frankly earth-changing here in the spring of 2013.
as the news trickles around the globe, other cities are starting to pick up the divestment mantra. san francisco is next.

the concept is not unfamiliar to anyone who remembers the fight against apartheid in south africa.
people laughed at first, but when the money all started drying up, so did apartheid.

follow the money:

this is what democracy looks like.


7 thoughts on “remember apartheid?

  1. hamock myson

    “…the Senate and Congress presented Ronald Reagan with the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 which had been introduced by Congressman Ronald Dellums, supported by the members of the Congressional Black Caucus in the House, and piloted through the House by Congressman Howard Wolpe, chairman of the House Africa Subcommittee. Ronald Reagan responded by using his veto, but surprisingly and, in testament to the strength of the anti-Apartheid movement, the Republican controlled Senate overrode his veto…

    cannot. believe. possible!
    reagan supported apartheid in 1986.
    fucking amazing!

  2. As the electric car battery performance continues to improve, solar power enters the age of viability and other improvements, energy companies are starting to fear a clean, sustainable future. Today, a fierce bidding war broke out in a conference room at the Disneyland Hotel over the rights to Kermit the Frog. The bidders included household names such as Exxon, BP and Chevron and darkhorse bidder Occidental Petroleum. When all was said and done the green guy ended up with BP. BP is said to be in negotiations with Kermit to keep, under all conditions, away from the Gulf of Mexico. Said BP spokesman, Janet Carboni:

    “We bought him for his green complexion, and we all know that the Gulf is not a good place to stay green.”

    In other news, investors went charging out of oil stocks and into commodities such as green paint, green ink and green dyes. As one Wall Street trader put it:

    “If it’s green and can be used in an ad campaign, then it is getting bought at any price.”

  3. hamock myson

    “…BP spokesman, Janet Carboni…”

    you should win some kind of internets award for this…

    janet, wasn’t her maiden name “tarsonds” or something?

  4. hamock myson

    and really, we should call her a spokesperson, or just an imaginary public relations flack…

    1. “…The moral crusaders – among them Archbishop Desmond Tutu – see divestment from fossil fuels in much the same light as earlier campaigners saw the push to pull money out of tobacco, arms, apartheid South Africa – or even slavery. Most fossil fuel companies, they argue, have little concern for future generations…”

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