I Got Yer Market Economics Right Here


If you want to see a conservative commentator cry about endangered species, then bring up wind turbines.  If you want reliable and up to date energy news, do not turn on your television.  If you want to feel good about the future, check this post out at Informed Comment.  Here is a quote to get a hold of the good vibes:

In many countries– Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal — and in parts of the US such as the Southwest, solar is at grid parity. That means it is as inexpensive to build a solar plant as a gas or coal one. The pace of technological innovation in the solar field has also accelerated, so that costs have started falling precipitously and efficiency is rapidly increasing. By 2015, solar panels should have fallen to 42 cents per watt.

In other words innovation and free market are working.  The fact that it is working in favor of solar energy will probably make heads at Fox News explode.  Don’t worry, this happy news will not go to air, so the proud MSM can keep humping the ANWR and deep-water-drilling storylines.  Oh well, solar power doesn’t obviously have to wait for Sarah Palin’s enlightenment.  Shine baby, shine.


4 thoughts on “I Got Yer Market Economics Right Here

  1. Alternative bizzro history:

    White House logs show Ken Lay visited last Tuesday.

    On the following Thursday, president announces new billion dollar initiative to seed clouds in the Antelope Valley. He says, “with the initiative we are going to bring rain to the desert.”

  2. hamock myson

    yes, i often find myself wishing the enron “e” was next to the ranier “r” at the new mohai…

    enron eff u

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