The New World Order

2013-04-08 Halloween to Bogota 237

While hanging out with some compadres in Colombia we got to talking politics and policy and we came to the mutual conclusion that the real heart of darkness beats within the banking system.  I explained my viewpoint to my friends, that even the U.S. government is a powerless little cabin boy beside the international banks.  The powerlessness of governments raises an interesting question of what government is.  Most people probably believe the government is composed of elected politicians, appointees, judges and agency employees.  However, if none of these people, not a single one, feels they can hold the banks accountable, then the banks hold a surfeit of power, and need to fear no government.  At this point, are the banks the actual and true seat of power?  It feels odd to call banks the government, but perhaps that is what they now are.

For some real perspective please read everything written by Matt Taibbi, because he continues to report it better than anyone.

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

The subheading of the article is: “The Illuminati were amateurs. The second huge financial scandal of the year reveals the real international conspiracy: There’s no price the big banks can’t fix”

Thank goodness Taibbi is out there putting these scandals and cabals into language that is honest and understandable.


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