nervous oil

tesla is facing some underhanded criticism lately.

let’s look at three examples.

Picture 1
caribou barbie says that tesla is a loser. tesla is already one of the great technology success stories of the twenty first century. but palin is supportive of the oil industry, which is starting to see a threat from solar and electric. so now the powers that be are attacking electric cars no matter what happens. it’s a full assault. i’m sure if it were 1920, she would be denouncing the wright brothers and these newfangled ‘bricks’ called airplanes.

Picture 2
billo throws a sideways jab at a company he should like. but is o’reilly just hitting as part of a concerted effort? is big oil just scared and nervous, deciding to hit all at once from every angle? he has long been a right-wing hatchet man who probably doesn’t even believe the opinions he parrots. he recently flipped on gay marriage, so who knows? maybe he will embrace electric cars one day.

Picture 3
headlines had nothing to do with the story. even responsible newspapers like the los angeles times fell for this. it really implies that the fact the car was a tesla has some material connection to the crash. when you read the actual reporting in other publications, the tesla driver had to swerve to avoid getting hit by another driver. if he were driving any type of car, the accident would have proceeded the same way. but those that only read headlines will get the idea that tesla cars are dangerous.

So the question is, when it comes to a great new technology that could replace the internal combustion engine, why is the resistance so furious? we’re talking about a charging network all over the world which will only continue to grow and be more accessible. who are these dinosaurs who want to defend a dirty and outdated technology like the (over a hundred years old) gasoline powered engine? i guess we know exactly who they are.

first they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win.


10 thoughts on “nervous oil

  1. mueblespasayo

    I heard Jay-Z and Beyonce were driving around with Fidel Castro in a Tesla and it was all financed with clean energy loans from Obama’s personal safe.

  2. mueblespasayo

    Here are a couple of quotes from the article:

    “This final point really gets to the heart of the debate. Ultimately, the Tesla vs. Broder spat is a proxy for the debate on how to best decarbonize the transportation sector.”

    “EVs are like mobile phones because they require consumers to think differently about refueling, driving capabilities and route planning compared to what they’re used to. Some behavior change – more so than what Broder exhibited – must be expected.”

    I get the sense that the writer feels some threat of “decarbonization” coming this way, but then complains about the expense and the difficulty of changing consumer attitudes.

  3. those boilerplate observations that make up stepp’s piece don’t bug me.
    the whole piece is conventional wisdom.

    what bugs me are lines like these:

    “Since then, he and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have traded accusatory statements…”

    “The one core message to take from the Broder-Tesla kerfuffle is that both are correct…”

    the point is that the whole article is a slow smear against musk, turning a fact-based discussion of whether broder was honest in his test drive into a he-said-she-said “kerfluffle” where broder and musk both get equal time and equal weight. not once in the piece does stepp attempt to itemize even a single technical detail. he simply name-checks a bunch of other writers and pundits who have apparently taken sides in this “even” argument.

    that’s what bugs me.

  4. mueblespasayo

    Is there such a thing as an untrue fact? If something is untrue, then it really isn’t a fact is it? I have a feeling that if this website came out in favor of dirty coal and muscle cars we could probably get cited as a source by AEI.

  5. nbc news
    may 13

    “…Perhaps the biggest endorsement has come from the widely respected and closely followed Consumer Reports magazine, which this week gave the Model S a score of 99 on a 100-point scale, something no other vehicle has achieved in six years.

    “The Tesla Model S is packed with technological innovation,” wrote Jake Fisher, director of Automotive Testing for the magazine. “It accelerates, handles and brakes like a sports car, it has the ride and quietness of a luxury car and is far more energy efficient than the best hybrid cars.”

    That’s a big turnaround from the critical New York Times review the Model S earlier this year, a write-up that triggered an angry war of words…”

    so you’re saying that there is equivalency between those two opinions?
    one writer who was proven dishonest and consumer reports?
    those two are equal?

    what the fuck!

  6. here is another gem.
    i have been playing a game all day based on this quote from mad cramer.

    the street

    “The squeeze is being put on Tesla Motors (TSLA_). “There must be some short people for Tesla in Nevada. This is just a devastating short for some funds,” Cramer said. TSLA zoomed up 14.4% to close at $87.80. ”

    the game consists of this:

    you say a sentence that conveys the same tone as his quote.

    “i feel so bad about your cousin’s devastating accident. shame to get hit by a semi while walking across the freeway.”

    “i know your pet cat was sixteen, but it is just a devastating shame that she died.”


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