cartagena futurism

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9 thoughts on “cartagena futurism

  1. Hey man, I took a picture of some of those building last night. What is going on here? I suppose Cartagena works as a time machine. You can travel to the colonial period, and then take a taxi to the future out at Boca Grande. This is one of those cities that is a tourist magnet for very good reasons. Nothing like catching a sunset out on the old city walls, looking over the Carribean with belly full of Aguila Cervezas.

  2. i just spent several days in Cartagena and I missed a ton of stuff. Those are the best cities, that are so loaded that you can`t possibly do it all. Also, the cities that make it easy to get loaded. They want you to have a beer in your hand while you stroll about. Sensational.

    Back in Bogota now. Yesterday I was on a beautiful sandy beach and today I am in a rainy and cool Bogota. It is a nice contrast. Yesterday there were bikinis everywhere and now it´s jackets and sweaters.

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