colombia historia

Picture 3


6 thoughts on “colombia historia

  1. I should really go to where this picture was taken. What the hell is wrong with me. I am sipping cold beers in Cartagena. That has just been so done, so many times already. Goddamit

  2. Pretty impressive. I wonder if it is in Floridablanca? Bucamaranga is a good city for maintaining your sanity. Cartagena on the other hand . . . Actually, I am doing pretty well. I wonder how this city managed to be such a power house without air conditioning. I guess life is easier when you stop worrying about how everyone smells.

  3. Tommorrow I head out for the beach part of the trip. I am a bit excited. Cartagena definitely stimulates the senses. I will go take in a sunset on the old city walls.

  4. There is a funny contrast between Bogota and Bucamaranga. Bogota has a vast grafitti scene. The level of expression is impressive. Bucamaranga is clean. It is a tidy city where there is very little street art. Draw your own conclusions.

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