Football in prison was explored in “The Longest Yard” and the sport has always contained a gladiatorial flavor.  At the university level the sport is linking up with a private prison corporation.  Read the full article here, and an excerpt that follows:

He said: ‘When you look at other things that GEO gives to, it’s generally in communities where they either have contracts or are seeking contracts, and certainly Florida is a state where GEO has tremendous interest.’

GEO Group manages correctional, detention and community re-entry facilities on behalf of federal, state and local government agencies and employs more than 18,000 staff.

The Boca Raton, Florida-based company’s revenue has almost tripled in the last ten years as their share of inmate populations increased. They also have contracts to detain hundreds of thousands of immigrants caught by the federal government.

GEO Group’s chief executive, George Zoley, attended Florida Atlantic University, completing bachelors and masters degrees and had also been on the board of trustees.

Pablo Paez, a spokesman for the company said the donation was ‘consistent with the GEO Group Foundation’s commitment to fund educational causes and scholarships’.

America has been striving to get to this place for quite some time now.  A place where the ideals of marketing, education, football, prisons, privatization and sweetheart deals are blended into one nasty cocktail.  It is nasty stuff and the nation is afflicted with dealmakers who would like us to have a lot more of it.  Don’t like it?  Those private prison can always use more bodies.



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