google horns

ok, i’m fired up again.

my computer got too old to cooperate with the newest firefox
(firefox, which had my trusty adblocker® software kicking ass 24/7 every day)

so now i’m back to safari, a fine browser to be sure.
but the ads are crazy.
even on email.
so i tried to figure out what was going on.

Picture 11

ok, that’s creepy as hell.
i don’t want to be involved with this.
so what can i do?

Picture 10

oh, good.
i can ‘block’ advertisers.
yes how does that work?

Picture 13

but it says i can only block 500.
that’s not fair, i’m sure google can come up with 501 advertisers.
well, what can i do?

Picture 12

hmm. ‘opt out’ eh?
that sounds even better.
what happens if i opt out?

Picture 9

so this is all pretty evil if you ask me, not to mention kafka-esque.
c’mon google.
giving me a headache.


One thought on “google horns

  1. i guess i am most mad about the re-terming of the phrase ‘opt out’ here.
    you are not actually opting out of anything except surveillance.

    we will give you a choice.
    you can accept our massive data mining and spying, or you can watch more ads.
    which one’s it gonna be buddy?
    (deliberately slaps fist into palm in threatening manner)

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