brother tim

i will never let this die…

Picture 10

ho ho ho horse’s ass, did i stutter?
is he or isn’t he?


2 thoughts on “brother tim

  1. hamockmyson

    seattle pi, feb 21

    “Inslee said on Wednesday that he looks forward to “robust dialogue.” The governor emphasized, however, that a growing state needs to grow its infrastructure, especially when 25 percent of its jobs are supported by international trade through its ports.

    “We clearly need to address the growing maintenance and preservation needs in our current infrastructure, the big-ticket needs to improve freight mobility across our state, and the unmet needs for sustainable transportation such as pedestrian and bicycle improvements,” Inslee said in a statement. “We can’t afford not to take action and this is a job I expect the Legislature to accomplish.”

    Eyman and Fagan have morphed that into a call for new taxes.

    “Candidate Inslee repeatedly promised to veto any tax increase. He said no way to higher transportation taxes in 2013,” said Eyman and Fagan. “Inslee said he’d grow jobs to generate more tax revenue. What a lying whore he turned out to be. In recent weeks, he’s made it clear he’ll sign any tax increase the Legislature unilaterally imposes.”

    Eyman feeds on attention, which may explain the vulgar hyperbole. The joke has long been that the most dangerous ground to occupy in the state capital is between Eyman and a TV camera.”

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