How Come It Can’t Be KRS-One?

There’s some major excitement out there for Marco Rubio, because he knows who Tupac Shakur is.  Can you believe it?  As Atrios explains this is the equivalent of knowing about a famous artist who has been dead for 17 years.  He used Ronald Reagan in 1980 being touted for knowing about Patsy Cline who died in 1963.  I haven’t read this or this, but there may be some good commentary in there.  It is a perfect example of how easy it is to succeed when you carry the banner for the GOP.  Of course, one wonders why it can’t be the intellectual rapper that is ever remembered, but I suppose that is like crying about Piggy getting his glasses smashed in Lord of the Flies.


5 thoughts on “How Come It Can’t Be KRS-One?

  1. armchair

    As someone with very little hip-hop knowledge, I did not mean to say Tupac was anti-intellectual. I would venture to say he didn’t wear it on his sleave the same way KRS-One does.

  2. it is a good post. krs one’s music is far more intellectual than pac. tupac became known for rather benign gangster raps. his earlier work tackled poverty, class and race issues a bit better than the later stuff, thanks to a certain bald ex-football player…

  3. This next comment might get me out on real thin ice, but isn’t it arguable that some gangster rap plays the part that Marco Rubio, fratboy types want to see? Don’t they relish seeing a world of violence and Machivellian decisions, especially one in which they stand above the violence and benefit from it? Have I fallen through the ice yet?

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