sandy heads

or more properly,
heads in the sand.
ostrich style.

“Decimated,” Ocean Beach artist Kenny Goodman said last week as he returned to the shop he has owned for a quarter-century. When he first saw the damage from flooding in his store, he said, he was “really overwhelmed and sad — it’s just a gigantic loss.”

Goodman, a New Yorker who has been coming to Fire Island for 40 years, said he plans to rebuild his shop. “It will be different. Maybe by my grandchildren’s time it will be back,” but he also lamented, “It won’t be like it was.”

i think by “back” he means “underwater”


2 thoughts on “sandy heads

  1. armchair

    Underwater real estate is an epic problem. I didn’t understand it meant actual sea water. I think I’ll go and start building a cabin in a tide pool. Maybe I can get a surgery to add a basal disk to my back side. That’s what sea anenomes use to hold on. I can breathe through a tube at high tide. It is a pretty good plan. I can’t wait to get my grandkids fitted with basal disks.

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