Who Do You Trust?

So, David Atkins highlights a poll about climate change in this post of his.  It links to this op-ed piece in Fortune about a poll by Zogby Analytics.  The opeining paragraph of the Forbes piece follows:

Superstorm Sandy is fueling concerns about climate change and how it’s inflating the costs and risks of extreme weather, according to a new post-election poll from Zogby Analytics. The poll shows key voting groups in the 2012 election – Hispanics, women, young voters – are among those most concerned with confronting climate change now and protecting America’s air, water, wildlife and other natural resources.

You can practically hear the moaning from post-structuralist Republican strategists, “like man, I thought we could bullshit people into believing anything with enough repetitive ads, but when a goddam ocean wave breaks across the voter’s television set, even we have to admit that reality has us beat.”

Don’t worry they can always wait a few weeks and start over with the rhetorical questions of, “who are you going to believe?  Are you going to believe a trusted small government businessman who is talking to you right now in your living room or the reality based ocean that may or may not have once been in your living room?  The choice is clear.”


4 thoughts on “Who Do You Trust?

  1. old white people, i.e. republicans all live in the heartland.
    we’ve been looking at the electoral map for days now.
    anyone who lives even near a coast is a democrat.

    republicans don’t even know what an ocean is, so the fact that it is rising is irrelevant…

  2. mueblespasayo

    South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Missippi, Louisiana and Texas. Virginia, Florida and North Carolina have their share of tea-nuts too.

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