road runner


4 thoughts on “road runner

  1. hamock myson

    i find this to be more important than the swift boat stuff.
    and more enraging.

    my blood is boiling.
    here is judith miller on the debate.
    writing for fox news:

    In the first half of Tuesday night’s “town hall” style debate, Mitt Romney appeared confident, articulate, and quick to challenge President Obama’s policies and performance in office. But after Crowley told Romney that he was wrong about how Obama had characterized the killings of a U.S. ambassador and three other officials in Libya, Obama was emboldened and Romney was clearly on the defensive.

    Crowley’s intervention not only ignored her duty to be a neutral moderator, it effectively swung the debate in Obama’s favor. Her intervention startled Romney and set him off his game. Clearly taken back at being challenged on the nebulous facts surrounding the events in Benghazi and what Obama had said about them, Romney flubbed an opportunity to challenge the president on his policies towards Libya and his efforts to protect American officials serving in dangerous posts abroad.

    fuck you judith miller.
    your career was destroyed when you lied about iraq and helped take us to war.

    now you say facts are nebulous.
    they are not nebulous.
    facts are real.

    fuck you judith miller.

  2. hamock myson

    go watch the tape judith miller.

    either he said it or he didn’t.
    and in this case, he did.

    lying has consequences judith miller.
    you should know.

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