fox & mirrors

But Obama also hadn’t explicitly labeled the Bengazi strike as an “act of terror” as early as he claimed, though his comments on Sept. 12 in the Rose Garden indeed included that phrase…


wait, what?
we assert that he didn’t explicitly say it and we also assert that he actually did explicitly say it.

in the same sentence the writer contradicts him or herself.

jesus christ.
what is going on in the world?


9 thoughts on “fox & mirrors

  1. hamock myson

    gretenstein and ham rove talked about the debates for 8 minutes.
    guess which subject never came up.


    romney’s meltdown over libya.

  2. mueblespasayo

    Goddamit, this Libya thing is a disaster, because we say it is. What America really needs to know is who can drill the hardest, the longest and the fastest. Who can drill on Federal Lands? National Parks would be even better. Why the fuck are they keeping those Nationa Parks off limits? Americans won’t be happy until there is a pipeline from the Arctic into their goddam kitchen window, so they can burn their kitchen table and all of their concerns they share there.

  3. hamock myson

    jed lewison, daily kos:

    The thing that is so crass about the Republican approach to Libya isn’t that they are criticizing the president—it’s that they are doing so with so little substance and such an obvious eye towards scoring political points. They don’t seem to remember—or care—that the attack in Benghazi was a national tragedy. Instead, they see it as an political opportunity. And if there’s anything John McCain should be sad about, it’s the fact that an attack on America seems to have made Republicans happy.

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