zero sum


2 thoughts on “zero sum

  1. mueblespasayo

    If you drink enough 18 year old Scotch and then close your eyes, you can pretend like the New Deal appeared out of thin air to destroy America, and that it had no precipitating causes like revolution in Russia are world depression or horrible harvests. You can imagine it as some sort of thing that happened for no good reason You can forget that FDR saved the elites from themselves.

    It is almost as if the plutocrats want to double-check to see if Marx was wrong about everything.

  2. there was a very telling teevee moment between juan williams and bill o’really.

    o’reily challenged williams with obama’s quote that the private sector is doing fine and called it a horrible gaffe.
    williams responded that actually nasdaq and nyse numbers are pretty damn good.
    and liquidity is at an all time high for many businesses in the private sector. how much bloody cash does apple have sitting around?
    then o’idiot scrunched up his face and said, but the workers in the private sector are hurting, they’re not doing fine. people are struggling.
    then after williams looks confused for a second and tries to reply, bill cuts him off and ends the segment totally the winner.

    private sector means poor people?
    what kind of fucking smoke and mirrors shit is that?

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