horse’s ass

this will make me laugh until eternity…

thank you thank you thank you.


3 thoughts on “horse’s ass

  1. hamock myson

    by the way, kind of funny.

    a union guy at my work was all eyman rah rah rah.
    i asked him, what’s up.
    he said car tabs.

    you just saved wealthy people money and took state money away from people who needed it.

    that’s a victory?

    fucking idiot.
    but he swears he is for the working class…

  2. hamock myson

    While the resolution itself is sophomoric, and perhaps a bit mean-spirited, it is not, as the Attorney General implies, “vulgar.”

    Indeed, the language of the initiative was carefully chosen to be as outrageous as possible while avoiding the profane. The phrase “horse’s ass” is a funny, descriptive, and visual term, widely used as a synonym for “fool.” As has been proven, it is clearly acceptable for print, radio and television…

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