Deep Fried Hypocrites

“Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?”  Well, certainly not Malcolm Gladwell, Arianna Huffington or Megan McArdle.  However they are gathered together with a few others on S.H.A.M.E., which stands for, “Shame the Hacks who Abuse Media Ethics.”  This website is all about exposing conflicts of interest, covert media operatives and hidden agendas.  If you like your hypocrites deep fried, then check it out.  The site has a disturbing pitch for contributions, but it is possible to get past it.

For more about, “three people who have never been in my kitchen,” start here and here.


3 thoughts on “Deep Fried Hypocrites

  1. mueblespasayo

    Upon closer review it appears that S.H.A.M.E. is a bit uneven. At least in the case of Malcolm Gladwell they make one assertion, lacking a link or a direct quote, stating that Gladwell, “blamed children for getting themselves addicted to tobacco and absolved tobacco industry advertising campaigns of guilt,” in the ‘Tipping Point.’ That is an assertion that begs for some proof. I haven’t read the ‘Tipping Point’ so I don’t know if it is true or not. However, the site is very good in its exposure of Megan McArdle and Adam Davidson, so it is a worthwhile site, even if a bit too strident.

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