Dangerous Dots

The New Yorker is home to some damn good writing and editing.  This is the type of rag that takes every word seriously, or at least they take it seriously when it comes to those famous FCC words.  Here is a link to an abstract of a piece in the New Yorker about the agonizing decision to publish the word “motherfucker“.  It is pretty funny, but for many of us lower-brow types the real action in the New Yorker is in the cartoons.

Recently, the New Yorker published a cartoon that was so over the top that it got banned by Facebook.  If you can stand to see two pencil dots standing for Eve’s nipples then link to it here, but don’t say you weren’t warned.  Adam and Eve are post-coital and she notes, “Well, it was original.”  The worst thing is that the artist has made two dots to stand for her nipples and you can see them.  Nevermind Adam’s nipples.  Facebook banned the cartoon for a short time, until they woke up to how foolish they looked.

Facebook is quite the piñata and it deserves to be bashed repeatedly until all of its users come spilling out into some new future social network.  Even if that never happens and helpless fools continue to have to use just like they continue to drink Starbucks, even while they bitch and moan about it (like myself), it is still important to point out the lameness.  Facebook running scared from two pencil dots is seriously cowardly.  This company wants membership to the club of evil by selling out to everyone in sight and selling everyone’s personal data.  You would think that evil could handle two pencil dots.  It is pretty funny to see the mechanics of a nasty company’s policy to keep the Christian extremists happy.


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