Evolution of a Superhero

The U.S. is a nation where nearly half the population holds views incompatible with evolution.  A recent Gallup Poll confirms this.  To people who love the promise of the future, it can be a bit depressing to think of all the children growing up in ignorance bestowed upon them by their parents.  It can even lead to an immature longing for a superhero (approximately as silly as creationism).  However, a superhero fighting ignorance really exists.

This superhero started out in the not-s0-humble provincial city of Seattle, USA.  He stopped crime agains landmarks (video: Speed Walker vs The Needler) and against latte theft (video: Green Lake Espresso Thief).  Not simply an actor playing a crime fighter, this superhero is fighting for the future of the country.  Bill Nye has evolved from a sketch comedian into one of the biggest personalities in the world of science.  Read about the evolution (obligatory wikipedia link: Bill Nye).  A lowly citizen might hope to see personalities with a voice in the television media speak up about the intransigent ignorance that stubbornly grips the US population decade after decade.  The Gallup Poll linked above goes back 30 years, which means that a 30 year old born in 1982 is living in a country just as ignorant of evolution science as the country that person was born into.  Well, Bill Nye is a superhero and you must watch this video if you haven’t already,  because the superhero uses his voice to attack ignorance and fight for America’s future.


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