Terrorism Threat Averted

It seems that with each new mass shooting there is an accompanying announcement that authorities don’t believe it is, “terrorism related.”  Is this supposed to reassure us?  Our media is telling us that we can blow off our worry and concern, because it isn’t terrorism.  Don’t worry about the bodies at the city morgue and the people clinging to life at the ICU, because this is just another day in America where some lunatic has gone on a shooting rampage.  Keep your plans to go to the gun show this weekend.  On the other hand, if it was terrorism, everyone would need to clench their sphincters tight, duct tape their windows and fill their bathtubs with water.  The word ‘terrorism’ is meant for special occasions when the country needs to be whipped into a frenzy to enter a new war.  So, regardless of how threatened or fearful you may feel about traveling to popular destinations, going to a movie or going to a nice cafe, you are not feeling terror.  That feeling is an irrational response that threatens fundamental rights of a well-regulated militia.  Cold dead fingers and all that.  The media will let you know when to feel terror and who to feel scared about.  Are we clear?


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