boxer’s instinct


3 thoughts on “boxer’s instinct

  1. mueblespasayo

    Having followed this controversey from the edges, I will now speak at length about it.

    Anyone who has chastised Harry Reid is not a journalist. I mean exactly what that sentence says. In other words, everything that follows is just an explanation of why exactly the topic sentence is precisely true. If you march out into the media ether to announce that Harry Reid had gone ‘beyond the pale,’ then you are also saying that you accept what Mitt Romney has said about his tax returns, and you are not interested in finding out if he is hiding something.

    A journalist is someone who wants to find things out and discover the truth. A journalist does not have to master ettiquette and is not someone who has to be consulted on issues of decorum. A journalist is someone who can be a royal pain in the pass, because they are insistent upon uncovering, digging and scraping for the truth.

    So many of the people who inhabit our media landscape want to wear the mantle of the truth seeking journalist. They want, even demand that we treat them with the same awe and respect that we would give to a truth seeking journalist. They want that awesome mantle of objectivity. The power of their opinions depends on that perception.

    So, when gasbags in the media opine righteously on the manners and ettiquette of Harry Reid they are not being journalists. They stand for the opposite of journalism. They stand for withholding and hiding the truth. They stand for secrecy and shameful practices. They soil the name of journalism, which had a pretty difficult time getting a good name in the first place.

    A journalist wants to see Mitt’s tax returns or at least know why they are so dear to him.

  2. well, it goes back to the infamous election in 2000, when the wingnuts led by baker kept saying in the press that the florida votes had been counted once, twice, and a third time.

    this was patently false, as there had never been even one full count of all florida votes. too many ballots were disputed to make that claim.

    “journalists” gave up as soon as the supremes gave the 5 to 4 decision installing a president that was never elected.

    people like josh marshall made careers becoming citizen journalists just simply trying to figure out facts.

    i like facts.

    facts are real and they are important.

    this seems to be a dying concept…

  3. “At law, if a person in control of evidence refuses to produce the evidence, then the jury is instructed that there is a presumption that the evidence would be against the party failing to produce. It is called the “Missing Evidence” instruction.”

    -indiana attorney john sullivan

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