The Entertainers Are Splitting

Easy joke: Breaking news, Fox is separating news from entertainment, so naturally Fox News Broadcasting will be on the entertainment side.

From the WSJ:

News Corp.’s board unanimously approved a plan to split the media conglomerate in two pieces, separating its lucrative entertainment operations from its publishing business, said a person familiar with the situation.

. . .

Moreover, without the taint of the phone-hacking scandal at News Corp.’s British newspapers, the entertainment company may have an easier time doing certain acquisitions, say people familiar with the situation.


It is kind of funny that there has been behind the scenes discussion at cloudtransit about not following the story of the minute like a puppy dog.  So why do it, when cloudtranist is decidedly against wagging its tail at every news report?  That’s because anything that hurts FOX is funny.  This is about being funny.  Bart Simpson has to keep his distance from phone hacking of British citizens.  Sure, the news will report a thousand other reasons, but its about phone hacking.  Do you think FOX News would report it any other way this was happening to one of their competitors?  Hell no.


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