ride free

metro seattle is ending the ride free area in september.
a driver explained it to me today.

the businesses that subsidized the idea in the first place have decided to stop funding the service.

ostensibly the business owners associations are not seeing a return on their investment.
or perhaps tired of homeless people using the service but not shopping with their dollars going into registers and their cards being swiped.
some of those homeless people might not even have credit cards.
unthinkable to the businesses, i guess.

well, i wish seattle would continue to give the very poor just a small helping hand by allowing citizens to take a bus for free in the small downtown core.

the people who would abolish this ride free zone should have a hard time sleeping at night thinking about all those who will be drastically affected, but, of course, the committee members won’t meet these needy people at their cocktail parties.

just leave the ride free area.


3 thoughts on “ride free

  1. mueblespasayo

    Seattle is the home of the original Skid Row. I imagine Seattle is a brutal place to be homeless, but I suspect it is slightly less brutal than many parts of the country. This city seems to have always had a tender heart toward the down-and-out. Everyone gets stressed out by homeless stumblers and drunken louts on the cross town bus. Everyone knows that down and out people sometimes hop on the bus to get some hot, dry air blown in their faces. For me this is part of what what gives Seattle a soul and a heart, and makes this city stand for a modicum of human decency. Ending the ride free zone is a very sad thing for some of us. The end of the free ride suggests a darkening of the city’s heart. It is nothing but sad for me.

  2. mueblespasayo

    It is one of those moments where a city’s character changes. It feels very weird to be in the halcyon days of the end of the free zone.

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