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“90% of the shareholders of Oxy have approved this compensation package. This sort of thing has been happening at other board meetings around the country. These people, they say they’re the 99%. But 99% of what, I’m not sure.”

that was a quote from the former chief executive officer of occidental petroleum, ray irani.

the writer, david atkins, concludes the piece in the style that has made me such a huge fan of his work:

Assets. That’s all these people respect, and it’s all they care about. For people like Mr. Irani, people without assets are barely even people. When we call ourselves the 99%, he’s not even sure what the 99% is of, since people can’t be counted in petrodollars.

Shaming will never work with these people. They just don’t care, and they’ve long since lost whatever faint connection they may have had to the real human experience. The interventionist force of law is the only thing any of them will respect. They certainly don’t respect our humanity.


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