john williams

returning to seattle in 2011, after time away,

i learned about john t. williams.
when you watch video of what happened, you may feel sick.
williams is clearly minding his own business.
just walking.
a peaceful citizen.
the officer jumps out of his car and chases after williams.
he mows williams down like a cluster of dandelions.

it’s clearly unwarranted to murder people who are minding their own business.
but apparently the courts saw it differently.

King County prosecutors will not pursue criminal charges against a Seattle police officer who shot and killed a homeless woodcarver in August, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said Wednesday morning.

Announcing his decision on the controversial shooting, Satterberg said the evidence gathered does not support state charges against Officer Ian Birk in the slaying of John T. Williams.

this blows my mind.
the key detail can be seen on the video, and was voiced by satterberg himself, even as he declined to bring charges against officer birk:

“The officer seems to have made serious tactical errors that compounded the danger to others and himself,” Satterberg said.

“By his own actions, Officer Birk closed the distance between himself and the man with a knife.”

that is the point.

closed the distance.  attacked.

officer birk attacked john t. williams.
our friend george zimmerman seems to have done the same thing in sanford.

An affidavit made public by special prosecutor Angela Corey said her investigators determined Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer in a gated community in Sanford, Fla., was the one who pursued and confronted Martin.

you don’t get to feel threatened if you are the one doing the chasing.
you don’t get to claim that you fear for your life if you are moving closer and closer to the thing that frightens you.
this is just backward.

charge the officer.
he murdered john t. williams and got away with it.

rest in peace.


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