captain bread

captain bread.
i would call him captain khobsa but there seems to be some variation on the spelling and i wouldn’t want to get him confused with any other captains out there.
captain bread is more than a man, although he started as just a photograph back in 2011.

His character was inspired by a picture shot on Jan. 18 by an AFP photographer, at the height of the protests. It showed a lone man defying anti-riot police on a Tunis street with a baguette held like a machine gun.

a man on the street. the body language. the absurdity. the violence.

he stopped to confront the police with every fiber of his non-violent being.
communication comes in so many ways.
this photo took on a life of its own across tunesia.
and soon he became a meme. a symbol so powerful that it allowed people to laugh, if even for a moment. to forget their nation’s suffering, while bestowing power on captain bread.
an everyman.
no credentials.

he remains unnamed in press photos, but his legacy certainly needs no authorization or official recognition.

and so the immortalization began not from the top down, but from the roots.

captain bread arrived on the scene.
in a series of short animated videos, the creators were some of the first entertainers to explore the new press and television freedoms that regime change had begun to introduce.
and all the while, the myth of captain bread continued to rise.
iconic photos are so powerful.
he is already in the hearts of the people.
thank you captain bread.


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