The Audacity of Deception


So, I read that Shepard Fairey is a deceptive boob.  What he did was pretty bad.  Anytime you start presenting falsified documents to your lawyers, so they can file a lawsuit on your behalf, you might want to, “[C]ome on and check yo self before you wrickity-wreck yo self,” to quote Ice Cube.  The following is from the above link and explains Mr. Fairey’s actions in connection with the creation of the iconic image:

Fairey told Magistrate Judge Frank Maas that when he created the Obama poster in January 2008, he believed he was basing it on a cropped version of a photograph he had seen of the then-Illinois senator with actor George Clooney in front of an American flag at a public event.

He said it was only a few days after his lawsuit was filed, when he saw a blog comparing the Clooney picture with another AP photograph, that he realized the image he had used was a different AP picture of Obama taken at the same event.

He said that before meeting with his lawyers six weeks later, he deleted the files showing he had used the Obama photo that did not include Clooney and printed documents to make it appear that he had used the picture with Clooney in it.

‘I showed my lawyers the fake documents as I described my artistic process and told them that I had used the Clooney photo as a reference for the Obama ‘HOPE’ poster,’ Fairey said.

The whole affair seems to be symbolic wreck.  Back in ’08, you might have thought you were looking at the face of hope, but in ’12 “You’re face to face, With The Man Who Sold The World,” to quote David Bowie.  How fitting, then, that the image was minted by a deceptive boob.

That being said, I enjoy Shepard Fairey’s work, and I wish him well.  His work is fun and makes life more interesting.  I already feel bad for giving him a hard time.  After all, I enjoyed snapping this picture in Manhattan in 2008:


5 thoughts on “The Audacity of Deception

  1. hamock myson

    i think people who study his work decades from now will have a lot to chew on. symbolism, perspective, shading, words, the whole package…

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